Books by Jana Spicka

More of the Holy Spirit: A Guided Journey to Real Life with the Real God

What happened to the third Person of God? So many of us know very little about the Third Person of the Three-In-One God. What

we do know makes some of us a little nervous at best and a little skeptical at worst. But there is more, so much more. Come enter in this refreshing conversation with Jana Spicka. She helps us biblically discover the Holy Spirit’s presence all along and she beautifully show us what it’s like to be loved and led by the Spirit of the Living God. This can be used as an individual or group study.

The Locket and The Mask

A twist on the classic fairy tale of the toad and the kiss.

Unhindered, Revealing the Glory of a Woman

This book is for every woman who has ever lost or won battles in the Beauty War. It is for women who think nothing or no one could ever heal their hurts and desperation. It is a shockingly honest story about how an all-too-unholy human sould ever bring glory to a holy God. It is for each person who has ever struggled to hope for miracles and freedom.