Kingdom Impact Through Greater Things

This is a (partial) list of fellowship opportunities, classes, church services, small groups and events.

There is a place for YOU – so send us a message at this link, and we’d love to help you get connected at Greater Things.

“What I have found in the Greater Things Ministry is in alignment with and serves as confirmation of what God has been teaching me for the last 30 years. By stepping into these programs, I have learned to hear God better, to see him working all around me, and to be able to share him more effectively through my story. And besides that,I’ve made the most incredible friends who are authentic and trustworthy. I’ve been blessed beyond measure.” -Anne Moore

Greater Things is thankful to impact the lives of hundreds of lives through multiple retreats, classes, events, our church community, spiritual growth groups and more.

Weekly Encounter Nights & More Holy Spirit Classes

Imagine women from different churches and background, different ages and stages of life, and imagine giving them permission to ask questions and experience more than they had previously learned before. Now imagine, gifts and callings being stirred up in each woman so that they go back to their families, employments, and churches and take a new passion to their worlds.

This is exactly what our Tuesday night and Wednesday classes are all about. We worship, study, pray and go deeper in the Lord together.

Diverse Community Building Opportunities

Greater Things is pleased to host powerful and dynamic classes on spiritual growth, racial injustice and healing, financial management and stewardship, faith and apologetics, intensive inner healing workshops and artisan shows.

Married Small Groups

Our groups dig in on how to build a thriving marriage that will last. We focus on building legacies of faith and families.


New Wine Church

We are an intimate gathering of people who love to worship, intercede and have deep conversations about the heart of God. We have an expression, “known and grown in the affections of God” and we really mean it. We run hard after the “greater things” Jesus promised and we run hard after authentic, honest relationships, biblical grounding, and faith to move mountains.

Multiple Women’s Encounters

Jana has fresh revelation and we come together to worship, to thaw out, to refill, to be changed in His presence at our Women’s Encounters. Every Encounter is different. Every Encounter God shows up and women are released in greater freedom and intimacy with their God.

Listen and See Podcast

Jana and friends are going after tough topics. Our heart is to challenge, inspire, and bring comfort. We are all on this faith journey together and we don’t want anyone falling away. We hit the real issues that women need to hear so they can soar.

Kingdom Access School

A dream in the heart of founder Laura Collins, Kingdom Access is our instructional course with several goals. One is to be a bridge for those who are versed in biblical study but have not yet experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Two is to equip the students with culture changing confidence as we walk out our God given authority. Three is to prepare students who complete the two year course with ordination. We know God is doing a mighty work that will have great ripple effects in Knoxville and beyond. Identity, affection and access is the heart of Kingdom Access School.


Marriage Counseling

Jana, and Chuck and Jana, meet with individuals and couples for coaching and spiritual counsel.

Men’s Group

Chuck meets with a small group of men every Friday morning to help them find their hearts. Men can become so focused on work they miss the life with God as a co-laborer and the life with other brothers.

Beyond Budgeting: Steps to Healthy Finances

It’s hard to get excited about a financial class, but this class is an absolute gamechanger. Sarah Mason takes her life of financial wisdom and imparts it in practical and beneficial tools. Many people who have taken her methods to heart have become debt free and stress free!

We Sow Honor

In response to heartbreaking racial news stories, Laura Collins dreamed of making a difference in Knoxville and the 8 week course was born. We Sow Honor became this sacred space where black and white brothers and sisters told their stories, listened to history from a new perspective, and learned the importance and need for heart felt lament and confession. Nothing short of heaven on earth, all attendees were deeply affected by others stories and the willingness to repent of past attitudes and actions that lead to continued racial tensions. We Sow Honor was a ground breaking conversation that had deep healing for attendees as well as break spiritual strongholds over our city.


Beach Retreat

Jesus plus the beach. What more could you ask for? Authentic relationships, shared stories, touching the heart of God for starters. There are first time attendees and repeat attendees, you never know who God will bring, but by the end of this sacred time away, we all realize we have been introduced to a sister, an image of God, that would change us forever. There is no immersion in the presence of God quite like this event.

Other Retreats and Intensives

New in 2022 we launched all-day Intensives for deep heart breakthrough and also added a spring overnight retreat for women who needed to get away from it all to find their voice and their calling in the Lord.

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