It Starts With A Great Team.

Jana Spicka

Founder/Executive Director

Jana has been elevating women since 1992. She seeks to be a voice of truth and healing for women (and men) and to sing a song of God's great love and intimacy. She is married to Chuck, has two grown and flown kids and a Great Dane named Simone who thinks she is a cat.

Lindsey Hickman

Director of Events

Prior to coming to Greater Things, Lindsey worked with special needs children as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. She has a passion for creating beauty through gardening, baking, decorating, event coordinating and floral arranging. She is married to Christopher and has 2 kids, Elliott and Judah. They live on a mini farm and are figuring out the homestead life.

Melissa Langford

Director of Operations & Team Lead
Melissa first came to the Greater Things House as a tenant, but quickly fell in love with the people and the culture of the house. Now, she works to support the community's online presence and coordinates children's and family ministry opportunities. Melissa is a mother of five with a deep love for home and family. She feels most alive when working alongside her husband to see the structural integrity of families restored so those families can function in their full capacity for the kingdom and leave a generational legacy.

Kathryn Hallquist

Director of Social Media & GTC Teacher

Kathryn’s heart for kids lies in teaching children that they are precious and valued, that their voice matters, and that they are worthy of being fully enjoyed. An adoptee herself, Kathryn's passion is encouraging and elevating other adoptee voices of all ages and helping change the narrative of adoption to include the truth of adoptees' stories. She uses her God given creativity to bring beauty to the messages on GT's social media as well as other places in the GT House

Laura Collins

Director of Communities & Kingdom Access Coordinator

Laura has been working with Jana since 2008 and has been a part of Greater Things since it was created. Her passion is to lead others into true intimacy with God - that they may know He is not disappointed in them, that He is always speaking and truly wants to be known. She is married to Will and has a new baby, Liam.

Robin Lieser

Director of Discipleship & Volunteer Coordinator

Robin first came to Greater Things through the annual Beach Retreat and Wednesday Holy Spirit Classes. She was quickly drawn into the Greater Thins community and now serves as the Director of Discipleship for the staff and community. Robin brings her years of leadership in ministry as well as her love of people to the team. Outside of Greater Things, Robin is a wife, mother of five, and Granna to four beautiful grand babies.

Chuck Spicka

Member of the Board of Directors

Chuck has moved from being the disgruntled AV guy to walking two by two in ministry with Jana. He remembers the specific moment at breakfast, when a friend was asking about a referral to a men's small group. Chuck blurted out, "I'm actually in women's ministry." He is grateful for the men and the families that come along with he and Jana, but the calling for him is clear: to see women fully embraced for who they are, walking as co-heirs in the kingdom, in pastoring and in leadership roles in the church (if they are called to that), and a responsibility to aid men in seeing that this has always been Jesus' heart for women. As far as Greater Things goes, he takes care of sound and AV for events, helps out with donors and financial filings, and leads the men's groups and men's retreats. He feels privileged to walk with the sisters and daughters, as well as the sons and brothers in the Greater Things community.

Now Meet Our Honored Guests.

Carol Skeirik

Blue Sky Respite & Coaching

Carol helps individuals, children and families find healing from their trauma. Visit her website to find out more:

Kindal Akers

Legacy Counseling Services

Kindal is honored to walk alongside individuals who are facing mood instability, attachment challenges, or parenting or postpartum issues as well as those who desire healing from complex single incident trauma.
More information here:

Anna Moore

My Transforming Life Counseling

Anna is an author and certified life coach who coaches others to understand their personal identity in Christ. Visit her website for more info:

Melissa Langford

Release Coaching Service

Melissa coaches parents with children that are medically complex. You can reach out to her at

Rose Spurrier
Healing Roses

Healing Roses is an emotional release practice or a Christian mind-body protocol called “Splankna.” Our bodies often carry the burden of our cumulative traumas (both large and small). When left unaddressed, that emotional build-up can leave us with a sundry of mental, physiological, and behavioral distressses interrupting our joy, freedo, and satisfaction with daily life.  

What would our lives look like if we could navigate them without the filter of so many past wounds? How would your life be different if you were a little more whole?  Rose would love to explore that with you and invites you into healing. 



Facebook: Healing Roses See less


Amanda Martin

Empowered Minds

Amanda’s passion is whole child development through the lens of social emotional learning. Check out her website for more info: