How much of God’s love do you want?

How much of God’s love are you willing to receive? Uhhh. Is this a trick question? Some? Enough? All?  We humans play lots of mental games with God’s love. It often circles around our sense of worth or lack thereof. Perhaps it’s an unspoken belief that He likes other kids more than us, so we […]

How Much Love Is Enough?

I seem to have a hard time loving. Even after all this time, some conflict or some person slams up against a brick wall inside my heart.  On this wall is a big neon sign that flashes “THAT’S IT! I’m done with you.” To add insult to injury after the said collision, I then somehow […]

I Have A Surprise For You

You have read the words yourself. “Never will I leave you or forsake you.” The Old and New Testaments are full of these promises from our beautiful God. And yet, I wonder how we think about this Holy Presence? Is it begrudging? Is it out of duty? Is it out of fear of reprisal? Some cosmic shadow simply enduring the whole of humanity?

It’s For Freedom Christ Set Us Free!

Happy Fourth of July! And God’s favor on the freedom you enjoy today. I can’t help but ponder the 4th because, like most of our holidays, we are removed from the real pain and sacrifice of the individuals who broke the ground before us. It’s embarrassing really. I am trying to decide whether to grill hamburgers AND hot-dogs, as compared to my ancestors who were literally fighting with their lives for the independence I am now enjoying.

Shook Out Of Slumber


That is the word that keeps reverberating through my spirit. I have been Shook. Chuck and I got away for a few days and in our attempts to unplug I took a “random” book that brought me to tears. Then to sobbing. Then to repentance for small thinking and living. The next day, we watched a “suggested” movie that Crystal had sent me a while ago. It was hanging out on my To Do list and kept grabbing my attention. This movie, like the book, had me sitting in the Lord’s presence in tears.


Look Full on His Wonderful Face

Jesus Christ is the great leveler. He creates a level playing field regardless of who you are and where you are. The shepherds had very little regard or wealth. The devout carpenter and virgin teenager were simply willing to believe. The Wise Men knew how to use their intellect and science to follow signs. The Angels knew the greatest miracle of all was happening. What they all had in common is they personally encountered Jesus.