Childlike Faith

Jesus loves a good party. In the Old and New Testaments are examples of good friends with good food gathered in the name of the

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Advent Reflections Week 4: The God Who Is With Us

I am enamored by The Chosen series, for many reasons. It’s startling to “hear” Jesus speak the words of scripture I know so well. It makes me weep to see the heroes of our faith in their humble beginnings. Matthew the hated tax collector. Mary the possessed woman. Simon the cheating, angry man. What beautiful transformations— just like you and me. We are not who we used to be.

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Advent Reflections Week 3: The God Who is to Come

I went on a crazy rabbit trail with the Lord the other day. About swaddling cloths. Really? Yeah.

Turns out the details matter to God and ultimately to us when He reveals them. I have been deep diving into Garments (which will come later). One thing led to another and the swaddling cloths came into focus where I learned two important distinctions for our Advent meditations.

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Advent Reflections Week 2: The God Who Is

The God who IS. The One who is not created, imagined or even ignored. The great I am that I am.

In the most basic way, the Christmas story confronts my Christian story. The Christmas story is loaded with miracles, the unexpected, the impossible…

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An Advent Reflection 1st Week: The God Who Was

We live in a world of multi-layered confusion. “Like the blind we grope along the wall, feeling our way like people without eyes.” (Isaiah 59:10) So many in and out of church ask questions about our origins, identities, purpose, and calling.

And yet a greater Truth proceeds the resounding “what about me” question.

It is the eternal matter of I Am—the God who was.

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Look Full on His Wonderful Face

Jesus Christ is the great leveler. He creates a level playing field regardless of who you are and where you are. The shepherds had very little regard or wealth. The devout carpenter and virgin teenager were simply willing to believe. The Wise Men knew how to use their intellect and science to follow signs. The Angels knew the greatest miracle of all was happening. What they all had in common is they personally encountered Jesus.

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Remembering the Why

Merry Christmas from Our Greater Things House to Your House Friends! Just want to take a deep breath and review all the Lord has done and is doing. We prayed at New Wine Church yesterday, “Lord please don’t let us have Christmas and miss You!” He is so worthy of our praise and adoration.

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Hilarious Generosity

The Giving seasons are upon us. First we’ll focus on the Giving of Thanks. Then we focus on Giving Tuesday. And then there is the great push, pressure, panic of Christmas Giving. I wanted to share what God is brewing in my heart about His kind of giving.

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