What’s In It For Me?



If we are honest, this engine is always humming in the background of our lives. It is, after all, part of what helps us survive.

So, let me get straight to it. The Restore Intensive is February 19th. What’s in it for you is a long pause with the Lord. Maybe you have done the hard work in your heart and now the question is, “What’s next?” Restore is next. You will have the opportunity to explore how you can rethink and rebuild places in your life that look a lot like ruins, or underdeveloped landscapes.

Soar is March 5th. May I be candid? In our staff retreat yesterday we identified that our annual women’s encounter is for kittens and lions, and everything in between. It is for women who have been shut down, shut up and shut out of their own voice for so long that they don’t recognize themselves, or God.  And it is for lions who have grown in their love and life with God so that when they roar the enemy shakes.

We gather all these women, different ages and stages of life, different walks with God, churched and unchurched, and then we do the most important thing together. We seek His face.

There are real women telling real stories of real mess and how God showed up. It gets honest around here real fast.

So if your starving, stone cold, or white hot, both of these offerings are for you. Hope you’ll join us.

Raring to go,