A Weighty Word About Belief

I got a word in the night recently that  I want to share. The Lord said, “Believing is not the same thing as Not Doubting.  He likened it to being Married is not the same thing as Not Divorcing. Many people live in the same house as legally bound people but that is not the […]

From Follow Me to Flow with Me

Every time you encounter God there is an upgrade available. The key word is, available. Holy Spirit always leads us into truth, and truth changes us and sets us free. Some encounters are teaching or cleansing. It may be letting go of an idol or counterfeit love. Some moments are just sheer bliss, His presence […]

Getting Rid of the Rags

I was driving home after church, I found myself praying for people in my circle, my community, my family. I reflected on the conflicts and struggles going on there. ‘It’s hard to be human,’ I exhaled as a silent prayer. Then this picture popped into my mind of a person taking off pieces of clothing. […]

The Marvel of God’s Mercy

There is a miracle of God’s mercy that we often overlook. Not only does it come fresh, full and renewed every single morning, but it also keeps us from destruction. His mercy is a healing balm available to us on the small scale of our individual lives and also on a global scale. That’s why […]

The Day After

I had a vision during Easter Service. An overwhelming sense of awe fell on me that I was part of the whole world singing Heaven’s song, people from every tongue, tribe, and nation praising the Risen Son. I saw the Lord’s hand sweeping around the globe as we sang in different time zones. He was […]

Remember Me

Is it just me? Or is everyone feeling this crazy pace? It’s like someone stole… I don’t know…maybe a couple of weeks or a month out of my life? With the time change, Spring Break, an early Easter, and just the pace of life, it’s all I can do to keep up. My calendar almost […]

From Weapons to Rest

Here is a beautiful story worth sharing. Chuck and I are in a season of “calling things that are not as though they were.” We learned this verse in Romans 4 from John Dee beginning in 2000. Fast forward all these years and encounters later, we are still going after all that it means to […]

In a Word, Transformation

Chuck and I are dipping our toes into church life here in the sunny land of Pensacola. I know, I know. It’s been over a year. Perhaps like you, church is hard for us. We are looking for real. Real Jesus. Real Holy Spirit. Real community. Which in turn means there will be real gifts […]

Excerpt from Restless

The normal Christian life according to God is far different from what most normal Christians think.  Let’s talk about reordering life in terms of the Sabbath. I heard pastor Bill Johnson say that we never excuse people from breaking the first nine of the Ten Commandments, but we break the tenth commandment all the time. […]

Manna for the Day

Yay! I am almost finished with my next book. It will be released just in time for Valentine’s Day…if you need a gift idea. Wink. (I know, shameless plug)  However, in the writing of it, the Lord and I have been having some weighty conversations about journeying with Him. It has been soul-boosting to revisit […]