How much of God’s love do you want?

How much of God’s love are you willing to receive? Uhhh. Is this a trick question? Some? Enough? All?  We humans play lots of mental games with God’s love. It often circles around our sense of worth or lack thereof. Perhaps it’s an unspoken belief that He likes other kids more than us, so we […]

Faith to Faith

How do we get more faith?  It might be easier than you think and yet much more costly. Before you check this box, listen to my story.     I sat across the table from a prophet the other day. We came to celebrate a mutual friend who had told me about her crazy friend […]

Open the Flow

I may be late to the party but I have lived my whole life without an irrigation system for my yard. I have lived in lots of places in lots of houses, but none of them required a dedicated irrigation system. A move to sunny Florida changed all that.  You can imagine my surprise when […]

Strong Water

There is an essence of a Woman —God-ordained actually. Even if you don’t believe in God, there is an unmistakable quality of a woman that goes far beyond body parts and hormones.  A woman is a life-giver.  Hear me. Not just a baby maker. But a Life-Giver.  For decades,  I have been on a deep […]

When Truth Turns Into a Tripwire

We are living in tricksy days. People use phrases about “my truth,” or “what feels true to you.” And while I freely acknowledge that it comes from a heart of compassion, I still want to either vomit or hit a loud, warning buzzer. My truth? Your truth? What even… Truth is to be discovered and […]

Redeeming the Generations

Chad, a dear friend and spiritual son, texted me some photos the other day. One prompted a mixed-emotion smile. When the second photo came through, I immediately began to cry.  The imagery too confronting, too powerful, and too tender. He had been asked to make a cross for the Resurrection Sunday Celebration at New Wine […]

His Blood Speaks a Better Word

I have this beautiful Jasmine plant outside.  You can imagine my delight when the small white blossoms opened up and filled the air with a heavenly scent. It has been a frequent topic in my God conversations lately. I thanked the Lord for creating such beautiful expressions in nature. I marveled at Springtime and how […]