Pay Day

Let’s face it. If you work in a non-profit land, it’s pretty safe to say you are not in it for the money. Smile. In the beginning, I would sometimes grumble at the Lord, “I’m not getting paid enough to do this. It’s so hard. I mean, I love you Lord, but dang…is this worth […]

Wisdom Finds a Way

The other day I was driving alone in the car, which very rarely happens these days. I noticed the silence and appreciated it for a moment, until I realized the thoughts that were swirling around in my mind. I was somewhat commiserating with myself about a situation that the Lord and I have been carrying […]

God Hacks for Living – Part 4

Ready for another truth bomb? We have been doing a series that offers more than clever life hacks and conveniences. Instead, these God Hacks are life changers, if we let them. God hacks, though, they cut deep. Think bone and marrow. Soul and spirit. As we begin, imagine yourself standing there, a bag of chips […]

Back in Them Thar Hills

Chuck and I are happily back in Knoxville for a visit. It’s a whirlwind with meetings, New Wine Church, Holy Spirit Class, GTC starting, Men’s group and the Team Planning for 2024! Whew! I have more God Hacks and other revelations God is releasing. But today is something a little different. During our team prayer, […]

God Hacks for Living – Part 3

Oh Lawdy. Take a deep breath. We have been talking about Life Hacks and their suggested better ways to do life. Meanwhile, God, because He is so smart, has been dropping some pithy truth bombs that will actually change our life trajectory. Today’s God Hack has to do with being stuck, paralyzed, frozen, or (ouch) […]

God Hacks for Living – Part 2

The ever-popular life hacks offer us new and improved ways to do daily life. However, God digs a little deeper to shape and correct us from the inside out. Lately, He has been giving me these pithy phrases. I call them God Hacks. And unlike the life hacks, these phrases make me stand up and […]

God Hacks for Living – Part 1

Do you get sucked into the Life Hack videos? I sure do. From cooking to planting to storage, all these slick memes and reels show me an extraordinary way to do my ordinary life. But here’s the catch. I may watch them but do I actually do them? Real talk, I hardly remember the new […]

What are you waiting for?

Are you in the middle of a waiting period? You have a promise, word, or dream and you think you have done all you can to make it happen…and yet that very thing is still out of reach. Yeah, me too. Houses, cars, babies, money, marriages, jobs, friends, you name it. We have all been […]

Wisdom from the Upside Down Kingdom

Many of us are in places where we don’t know what to do. We may know what we WANT, but we sorely lack the essential HOW to achieve it. The Lord is literally tutoring me in lessons on wisdom. And may I just add, summer school sucks. Smile.   In an age of excess information […]

How much of God’s love do you want?

How much of God’s love are you willing to receive? Uhhh. Is this a trick question? Some? Enough? All?  We humans play lots of mental games with God’s love. It often circles around our sense of worth or lack thereof. Perhaps it’s an unspoken belief that He likes other kids more than us, so we […]