From Follow Me to Flow with Me

Every time you encounter God there is an upgrade available. The key word is, available. Holy Spirit always leads us into truth, and truth changes us and sets us free. Some encounters are teaching or cleansing. It may be letting go of an idol or counterfeit love. Some moments are just sheer bliss, His presence being that intoxicating. No matter the beginning point, every encounter opens the pathways to more of the Kingdom being revealed to us and in us. 

It was precisely one of those delicious moments when Jesus whispered, “I want you to go from Follow Me to Flow with Me.”

I blinked a few times. My spirit was trying to adjust to the new realm like walking from a dark room into the bright sunlight. 

“Flow?” I said. 

“Follow Me is about obedience, which is beautiful to Me. I love your quick and willing Yes. But flowing is being so entwined with Me, there is no stop and start, just the two of us going in the same direction, effortlessly.”


Right after that, I was listening to a worship song by Davy Flowers that said: 

Oh, be still, my restless soul

Be still and know all the work is finished

Lay down your heavy load

Take on the yoke Jesus has given

Leave the weight of your world on His shoulders

Let the Cross of His love draw you closer

To the water

When you’ve got nothing left to offer

Just come running like a child to the Father

There’s no greater fountain

There is a whole revelation brewing for me about the river of God. It’s been going on for months. I just keep listening and marveling as He drops jewels in place. Yet, I know in my spirit that He is calling His people to lean into His peace. To lay back in His grace and float. To flow in His presence and hope. 

He is asking us to resist making life so hard but learn to flow in His eternal love and provision. We have to unlearn the grind and dependence on ourselves. We have to learn to enjoy the wild river ride with this Beautiful God, even the white water sections when we think we might die. Smile. 

So find a verse or a song, and start speaking and singing the truth into your reality. Watch it carry you to a new place.

Here’s my line that keeps bubbling out of my mouth. (From the same song.)

“Oh my soul be still. Oh my soul be lifted.
He loves you. Oh how He loves you.”