His Song Creates Change

Can I just say that the Spirit of God is the medicine for all the world?

Right now, we are witnessing wars, hostage negotiations, trillion-dollar debt deals, abject greed and starvation. And the cherry on top?  My own human heart. Do you feel the chaos and contradiction rise up inside as you watch the events outside? Add a little personal drama to this emotional cocktail and we’ve got ourselves a meltdown. Unless…

The nearness of God has to matter in cases just like this, or, we have bought into some placebo mind game. What was it the theological haters called it? The numbing of the masses? Yeah. Sit down and be quiet. I want to release a testimony.

Just like you, I am navigating the news, work life, family life, and the assaults on my own mind. I felt like I was being crushed. So I did what I knew to do. 


Early one morning, I went to the water to quiet the noise. I started hearing Him whisper specific lines from several songs I’ve been soaking in. That night, He woke me up in the wee hours. I grabbed a familiar verse from a dusty version and my eyes popped open. 

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us” Ephesians 3:20 NASB

Listen, I have nailed down the More Abundantly part and the Ask part. It was the little word Think that stopped me cold. 

His power works within me to Think different.  If I will let Him. 

So I just kept chewing on this word, pressing into His presence while I was doing daily chores. And then it came to me in a rush. I had to stop everything to capture the comfort He was singing over me.

These are lyrics from several songs that He mashed together to answer my fear, my hurt, my longing. My Need. 

(You literally can’t make this stuff up.) 

His New Song…

Why do I care if I don’t know what to do? 

When I live by the strength of Another 

You got me under Your wings

I could worry about many things 

But one thing is needed 

You’re all I need God 

Help me to see that

You got me under Your wings

I need you to heal my heart.

Come lay me down to drink Your cup 

And resurrect me like Your Son 

I’m gonna love again 

You’re faithful to heal my heart

I’ll be the branches if You’ll be the root

To lay on Your shore and be washed by Your waves

‘Cause all I want is You, You know

‘Cause through the joy of letting go

Yeah, I’ve found my peace, I’ve found my hope, I’ve found my home

I need your Shelter 

Hide me away from the harm

Away from it all

I’m safe here in Your loving arms

I need Your shelter

The weight of the world’s falling off of my shoulders

I’m letting go ’cause I know that You hold it

You care for me more than I even know, and

I just need You

Keep your eyes open wide

Guard that beautiful heart

don’t ever let your love grow cold

don’t settle for the easy road

The hardest things will make you  grow

Lord, thank you for singing over us. Your presence works the world right out of our thinking. I love you back. Amen. 

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